Wednesday, 26 September 2018

Authors to Check Out This Autumn

In light of my post on Autumn Reading Prep, I’ve being giving a lot of thought to which books I want to read over the coming months. I’m not one for set TBR’s as I’m most definitely much more of a mood reader, but lately I’ve found myself gravitating towards certain books. Historical fiction, crime thrillers – anything spooky and suspenseful. With that in mind (and instead of having an autumn TBR) I thought I’d discuss some authors I want to read over the next few months.

First up:


For cosy autumnal reading, Shirley Jackson may come as no surprise to those of you familiar with her work. Her stories scream gothic horror and mystery and if that doesn’t make for an ideal read by the fire on a chilly September evening I don’t know what does. I’m going off how I’ve heard others describe her work because I’ve never read any of Jackson’s novels. Whoops. I feel like I should have gotten around to her by now, but with an ever growing TBR and an endless list of books vying for my attention, she’s slipped under my radar. However, over the past weeks she’s been brought to my attention and I’d love to finally get around to reading some of her work. I think The Haunting of Hill House will be the first novel I pick up, but first I'll try The Missing Girl to sample a bit of her writing style. 


Last year I wrote a post titled Authors I Want to Read More Of, and Sarah Waters was one of them. Shamefully, I haven’t managed it yet but this autumn I plan to get stuck in to one of her big chunky novels and give her writing another shot. I read her novel Affinity whilst I was at university and I didn’t think much of it, but Sarah Waters writes the kind of books I should love and I’m determined not to write her off because of one mediocre experience six years ago. I have a copy of Fingersmith and The Little Stranger is high on my list (I confess, watching the trailer for the film got me all giddy) so I will be getting my hands on a copy ASAP.


To me, Daphne du Maurier is the QUEEN of autumnal reading. Gorgeous prose, historical settings, a sinister undertone – her books are exactly the kind of reads I want to snuggle up with and autumn is all about being cosy, am I right? I’ve a few of her books already on my physical TBR but my heart is drawing me back to Jamaica Inn so I might have to give that a re-read. Nothing like re-familiarising yourself with an old favourite. In regards the books I haven’t read by Daphne yet; The King’s General is high on my list.


I feel like kicking myself over the fact that I haven’t read ANY Donna Tartt when she’s been on my radar for the longest time. The Secret History was on my summer TBR for this year and I didn’t manage to pick it up but I’m determined to read it before the year is out. I think because it’s been on my mind I’ve been seeing it everywhere (and by everywhere, I mean all over Bookstagram) and my curious little heart wants to see what all the fuss is about. Donna Tartt, your time has come.

Which authors are on your autumn reading list? Do you see any of your favourites here?



  1. EXCELLENT choice of authors!

    Affinity is meant to be Sarah's weakest novel so, yes, definitely don't let that put you off. I've read The Little Stranger and Tipping The Velvet so far and I absolutely adore them both. Fingersmith is meant to be everyone's favourites so I'm half saving it. Thinking of putting it on the book club poll at some point though?!

    1. I'm very happy that I gave Sarah Waters another shot because I've since read The Little Stranger and looooved it! I definitely want to read more of her in the future.


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